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As a proud member of LWG, our commitment extends beyond mere words—it encompasses both our ethical responsibilities and our materials. We firmly believe that the path to sustainability is intertwined with the creation of enduring, high-quality products. In our view, product quality and lifespan are pivotal aspects of sustainability.
Moreover, our choice to manufacture our footwear in Europe reflects our dedication to adhering to rigorous EU regulations. This commitment ensures that we maintain impeccable working conditions and environmental standards across all our factories.
By strategically locating our production facilities closer to our customers, we actively reduce unnecessary transportation, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint in the realm of transport. Our journey toward sustainability is a holistic endeavor, one that resonates with our values and echoes in every step of our production process.



At LÄST, we believe that luxury and sustainability go hand in hand. As a proud member of the Leather Working Group (LWG), we are devoted to sourcing leathers from environmentally responsible tanneries. They are audited and rated according to their environmental commitment, reducing water usage and reducing the use of harmful chemicals in production. 

We are proud to say that all leather we use in our production is rated either silver or gold. Read more on the LWG website.

By partnering with LWG-rated tanneries, we actively contribute to reducing the environmental impact of leather production. Our dedication to eco-conscious practices extends beyond the final product, reflecting our vision of a more sustainable future for the fashion industry. When you choose LÄST, you can embrace style with a clear conscience, knowing that each step you take supports ethical and responsible practices.


At LÄST, responsibility is at the core of our identity. We believe that being a responsible brand extends beyond creating exceptional footwear and outerwear; that is why we have dedicated ourselves to a sustainable and Europe-based production. Apart from that, our responsibility encompasses our dedication to ethical standards throughout our supply chain.

Our Code of Conduct serves as the foundation of our commitment to responsibility. We demand nothing less than fair and humane working conditions for all those involved in creating our products. This commitment is non-negotiable and extends to every supplier and subcontractor, without exception.

Key Pillars of Responsibility:

Legal Compliance

We insist that our suppliers adhere to national laws, and any disparities with our Code of Conduct must be promptly addressed.

Social Responsibility

We categorically reject child labor, forced labor, and any form of employee abuse or humiliation. We respect workers' rights to join trade unions and engage in collective bargaining.

Health and Safety

We prioritize the well-being of workers, requiring a safe and healthy working environment and proper sanitation facilities.

Equality and Fair Wages

Discrimination has no place in our supply chain. We ensure equal pay for equal work and fair wages that exceed legal minimums.


This season's collection is inspired by by women's lives and needs; the ambition has been to define a wardrobe that suits their purpose.

For AW23 our Scandinavian design legacy is even more vivid. It's visible in the clean and minimalistic designs mixed with soft and strong silhouettes.

The collection is a mix of contemporary fashion elements and timeless classics. It's a tribute to bold women who dares to shine and embrace their own style. We have designed a collection that's uncomplicated and reflects the essence of LÄST's universe.

The AW23 collection is curated with only the most valuable essential styles. Styles that are subtly refined for a well-selected wardrobe that transcends trends.

It's how it's all mixed together, that created women's personal style. The pieces are meant to be combined in different types of contexts, making every woman create her own story.

LÄST is a state of mind and all about personal expression.

We appreciate the classics and believe they are essentials in all women's wardrobe - but sometimes the classics just need a little bit of an edge. The merge of masculine and feminine silhouettes creates a mix we believe compliments women.

We are building a foundation of solid classics with a distinct Scandinavian DNA.

All the pieces are designed to be cherished, each style's purpose is a fresh balance of opposite elements - classic and new, masculine and feminine, bold and subtle - while embracing LÄST's signature look and ease.




Crafted from full cow suede for durability and style. Warm wool shearling lining keeps you cozy. Oh, and gold hooks with a quick lace system and fashionable contrast laces.


Classic derby upper provides a generous round fit. Lightweight, extremely comfortable, and leather-lined for luxury. Plus, check out the cow hair version made from calf leather for a wild touch.


Slide into ultimate comfort with Ally, made from real sheepskin and with a low-profile flexible sole. Plus, the fur lining and leather patch with our LÄST branding ensure you're stepping in style.


A classic basket silhouette with a generous round toe for maximum style and comfort. Mixed suede and leather upper make a subtle statement. With recycled polyester lining, a slam dunk.


These cold-weather wonders feature a cozy wool lining to keep your toes toasty. Fat lace detailing and straps with our leather logo complete the look. Water-resistant for your cold-weather adventures!


Runner silhouette on a bold outsole- a gamechanger. The mixed material upper, combining mesh and leather, creates a unique look. As sustainable as they are trendy.

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