About us

LÄST is a Scandinavian inspired brand, focused towards providing our customers with a modern and comfortable product. Our collections consist of unique and contemporary styles. All of our shoes are produced in Portugal with Italian imported soles, ensuring that our purchaser receives the best possible product. LÄST is a Scandinavian brand for girls with an edgy, contemporary look and a desire to stand out in the crowd.

LÄST is made in Portugal by highly skilled footwear specialists. All materials are meticulously sourced in Europe, in order to ensure a product in premium quality and with the highest achievable comfort. We are inspired by what girls wear every day. We have a solid foundation in fashion, and we find inspiration from the streets as well as in art. 

A LÄST (or last) is the mould which simulates the shape of the foot and defines the fit and contour of the specific style. No shoe can be made without a last.